Chapter 2 of Age of war troubles

So… as soon as the patch went live I went with a friend to Single player to test some things. Here are the results:

  1. After every avatar summon, cancelled or not - game crashes with “Fatal error”. There’s no number of description, just blank Fatal error.

  2. The archery ‘nerf’ is a lie. Damage is consistent at any distance and still is high as hell.

  3. The glitch that changes character’s appearance until you equip/unequip a piece of gear still exists.

  4. Character stuck in place when loading into the game, removed only through another relog (potentially unsuccessful) or via suicide, still exists.

  5. Arrows fly through Zath’s model. Putting explosive jars next to his legs doesn’t do anything. The damage is dealt to Zath only when jars are placed right below him… where he model doesn’t have anything that could be damaged.

  6. Duping still isn’t fixed. Please…

  7. Decay timer on Siptah is still infinite.

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