Chapter 3 raidable base for siptah?

Just wondering if it has been said and I have missed it. Will there be a fully raidable base on siptah with the new update? I have friends that are all excited to come back and play because of this but after looking around I’m starting to feel like Siptah isn’t getting this feature. Thanks

The new pve raid is EL exclusive.

This is rediculous, why does Siptah keep getting the short end of the stick with content? You made two maps, give both maps the content

I believe it was stated that they are making sure its reliable before putting it on Siptah, not just EL only. Its EL for now.

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Regardless all Siptah players have access to this in the base game. What specifically is the issue here?

The issue is that after playing years on EL, the map gets boring, same landscape, same progression. It is funny how Funcom say, EL cannot be expanded further but keep underutilising Siptah and essentially pushing everyone to play EL.

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While keeping map transfers disabled.

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