Chapter 4 bugs ive noticed

Xbox series x
Official server 2880 pvec

  1. Armor bench recipes no longer sorted so armor is all over and there is no option to sort it.
  2. fataities dont seem to work and i cant swing at enemy when they waiver.
  3. still fall through bases randomly which was introduced last chapter
  4. we now have the corrupted kick power to knock people over which is fun but makes the corrupted build even more useless
  5. saw post on X related to bazaar items not working so not buying until i see a response on it
  6. black corsair armor still not dyeable

Thats what i have so far.

Try repairing redeemed legion armor.
Or gather fiber with mass cull.
Or just play a little longer the list of small bugs and broken stuff will get much bigger. The longer I played on testlive the more I found.


Oh no… just wonderful…

  1. inventory does not save your own sorting/arrangement and just stays with the last sorting option before going to “no sorting”, and that with every relog, so if you want to have your own managment in your inventory you are screwed… what the fu**

Reclaiming death loot no longer auto equips armor, or the items that were saved to the radial wheel.

Battle pass challenges wont update if you work with your clanmante!?!?! You have to do it solo?!??! You gotta be kidding me!


Yep that’s my frustration too.

Every time I log in I have to spend time individually moving item in my inventory to the way I like it.

Takes time you know! And these days we are racing against time to beach the next server crash, so every minute counts lol


What’s really frustrating is that I can’t even tell if some things are bugs or working as intended with this new UI. I’ve been playing since Xbox beta, own every dlc, played every battle pass and bought stuff off the bizarre. I’d be embarrassed to share how much time I’ve spent playing this game. But right now I’m wishing I didn’t buy that last batch of Crom coins. I can’t imagine playing the game like it is now. Just the UI changes alone ruin it.

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