Chapter Three, Day One, A Way Too Early Review

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Let’s start with the disclaimers:
I play on PS5
I play PvE
I have been in the game since July 4, 2018
These are my thoughts on Ch3

I had already built a bar in the main base in preparation. I learned the skill before aquiring the bartender so I added the bar itself, and went off to run a purge.
During the purge, in which I aquired a rather attractive young lady to run my establishment, I had the opportunity to test the “new” combat that everyone is up in arms about. I had suspected, based on what was said, and the infamous Wak video, that nothing would change. And, there were no changes. PS4/5 players have always had to turn with the left stick before attacking. I was actually surprised PC worked the way it did. It just seems wrong. Anyway, combat was pretty fun as it has been.

I like being able to dismantle the legendary stuff I don’t want. I like that the bench will not let you put anything in it that can’t be dismantled.

I do like that I can once again repair my Godbreaker boots.

The bar got a few customers over time. There weren’t any I could hire yet.

Now, the raid castle. I can’t say anything about it, since we haven’t been able to do it yet. There is a gigantic build right in front, so trebuchets can’t be placed to hit the door. The lag and stuttering are too bad to even stay in the area very long. Yes, I do know that several players have reported it. Nothing has been done yet.

The new Aesir set looks nice. The Aesir ceiling bug is not fixed, despite what the patch notes say.

Overall, it was a satisfying experience. It just did not have the WOW factor.

Update: Boss Fights.

One on One boss fights.

Spider - Still basically an easy fight. They don’t last long.
Reaper - Are they made of tissue?
Snake - Still a good fight. The poison aspect is the challenge.
Scorpion - Overall, the fight is the same. Still enjoyable.

Croc - Now, the new turn attack had the most effect here. I used to be able to go naked with stone knives and take little damage. That is not the case anymore. The fight is more challenging due to the lunges re-directed at you instead of just straight away. The outcome was not in doubt, but the challenge is back from year 1 when I had no idea what I doing.

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