Character breasts changing after crash/reset

Server: Official 1500 PVE
Client: Steam
PC Windows 10

When placed on the wheel of pain female bodies change from their body shapes as they appear before placed on the wheel. I will inform tomorrow if that change persists when placed as a new thrall.

Edit: I put two dancers in the wheel. One was a voluptous Stygian III the other was an average dancer and I could have sworn when I put her in she was Hyrkanian. When placed on the wheel both appeared average. However when placed in the world I had unexpected results. The Stygian III went back to her previous voluptuousness so I thought maybe it wasn’t really an issue other than while they were on the wheel.
Then I placed the other dancer. Not only did she go from an average body to a small one she too was Stygian. I wasn’t really paying that much attention to their race but I could have sworn the second dancer was Hyrkanian or perhaps Hyborian, something starting with an H. Obviously this needs more testing.

First Dancer: This one went back to original appearance

Second Dancer: This one became smaller and perhaps even changed race from Hyrkanian to Stygian.

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Server: Official 1500/1521 PVE
Client: Steam
PC Windows 10

After every reset or server crash my characters breasts are set to a different size. It can be fixed by using the Orb of Nergal. Moving the slider one notch one way or another makes them jump back to their proper size. I post this because not everybody has an Orb of Nergal.

Screenshots, the size I set them to:

The size they become after a crash/reset:

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