Character Copy blocks multiple Journey Steps (with workaround +guide)

Game mode: Single-player
Type of issue: Bug ( Character Copy )
Server type: PvE
Region: Europe / Poland
Mods?: No
Edition: Steam
Map: Both
Revision (#322016/30911)

Bug Description:

:pencil2: Edit Add-on / Better Explanation: After use of the Character Copy. If the overwritten (previous) character has already completed the journey step (related to visiting some place on the map), the new character (copied from another map) will not be able to completed that journey step.

In a particular situation (copying a character onto a map that has been discovered / explored by another character), Character Copy may permanently block the completion of multiple Journey Steps, like:

  1. Confirmed (:exclamation:):
    • Travel to New Luxur
    • Find an Elder Vault
    • Explore X’chotl
    • Visit the tower
    • Explore a Leyshrine
  2. Highly possible issue / Unconfirmed ( :interrobang: ):
    • Explore the entire Isle of Siptah
    • Find civilization
    • Scout a Darfari camp
    • Scout an Exile Camp
    • Scout a Black Hand camp
    • Climb the Tower of Bats
    • Scout a Dogs of the Desert camp
    • Visit Sepermeru
    • Explore the Unnamed City
    • Visit New Asagarth
    • Visit the Mounds of the Dead
  3. Possible issue / Unconfirmed (:question:):
    • Discover what haunts the Sanctuary Ruins
    • Enter the Palace of the Witch Queen

The problem arises because the new character takes all the discovered map locations from the old character, but does not take over all the completed Journey Steps. :see_no_evil:

:spiral_notepad: Note: Now I play with one character jumping between maps in single-player. Before that, I had two characters. When Character Copy was added, I overwritten the character that was on one of the maps - in order not to lose the game progress (part of the progress was a partially uncovered map). In this way, I unconsciously blocked myself from completing some of the Journey Steps. :worried: But I found a way - more about it at the end of the post.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Create a new single-player game on the Island of Siptah
    • Create a new character
  2. Become an admin
  3. Teleport to the New Luxur
    • TeleportPlayer 167115.1875 -10256.655273 -19354.435547
  4. You should complete Travel to New Luxur :white_check_mark: journey step
  5. Walk away from the New Luxur (or teleport) to a safe place
  6. Return to the game main menu
  7. Continue or create a new game for Exiled Lands
    • With a character that has not completed the New Luxur yet
  8. While in the game (Exiled Lands map), use Character Copy
  9. Return to the game main menu
  10. Continue a Island of Siptah single-player game
  11. Become an admin
  12. Teleport to the New Luxur
    • TeleportPlayer 167115.1875 -10256.655273 -19354.435547
  13. You won’t complete the Travel to New Luxur :x: journey step

Workaround (for those affected by this issue)

Just make a backup of your current games (both: Exiled Lands and Isle of Siptah) and copy a character that has not completed the Journey Steps to a completely new-created / undiscovered map. Then explore the map to unlock problematic Journey Steps.

The whole process in points (guide)
  1. Make a backup ( the most important thing :warning: )
    • The entire Saved folder is best
      • …steamapps\common\Conan Exiles\ConanSandbox\Saved
  2. Turn on the game
  3. Make sure your current character is not on the map with blocked Journey Steps
    • If so, copy it to the other map (with Character Copy)
  4. Create a new game on the map with blocked Journey Steps / overwrite it
  5. No matter what character you create, it will be overwritten soon
    • Remember, do not explore the map with this character :bangbang:
  6. Return to the game main menu
  7. Continue a map with your current character
  8. While in the game, use Character Copy (move character to the new created map from point 4.)
  9. Return to the game main menu
  10. Continue the map created in point 4. (now with your current character)
  11. Become an admin (or not)
  12. Visit all places that should already be discovered by the current character (those that complete the Journey Steps)
  13. When you’re done, copy your character to the other map
  14. Quit game
  15. Restore a backup of the map on which the problem was (new created in point 4.)
    • The Config folder may also need to be restored
  16. Enjoy the game without problems :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

How much time does this take to do this work around please?

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It’s not that bad, 10-15 minutes for me (with admin fast travel). It depends on whether you know which places you need to visit and which journey steps are actually blocked for your character (they are covered at first after all). I myself am not sure if I managed to unlock every blocked one on my character. Someday I will probably have to repeat the workaround - if some journey step does not complete by itself.

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