Character Creation needs improvement

The player should be able to make many Characters or exiles. These are your Created Characters. A Max of 10 created characters. In PVE and Offline single player mode you can add these Created Exiles to your clan. In offline single player it 1 clan member spot per 1 Created characters ally. In PVE online it 3 clan member spot per 1 Created characters ally. Created characters allies respawn at base or next to the player whom created them. Why spawn next to player. AI for everything isn’t too bright. Created characters allies are Created characters. They have own stats,stats perks,Knowledge point feats,inventory and etc. Basicaly another player. A loyal Compainion. Created characters allies are Created character exiles. They are you the player.

In PVP you should be able to switch Created character you have in game. No created character allies. You can’t bring more than 1 Created character in PVP servers. That is your exile in the game. I still believe you should make 10 characters.

I want this idea so badly.

I’m tire of capturing thralls alone. These created characters could add as back up for PVE and Offline single player.