Character-Creation-Window...but have already a max lvl Character?

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Hey guys, i found nothing on google, nor here so i write this topic.
I played on an private-server from asia with awesome mods and settings. Have a lvl 250 char there. Conan Exiles Extreme updated last night and the server restarted last night as well. Came back to log in and was facing char-creation-window ! But the server says that i already have a lvl 250 char inside.
Yes it is the same server i tried to log in…no i did not choose to recreate char…not even accidently (very cautios with that (and even if so…why is it telling me that there is a max lvl char of mine))…tried to log in many times, still the same. Why can’t i access my character ? i need help

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Look with the server admins, this must be mod related.


Hey there @Gorkamorka

This definitely looks like an issue with the mod configuration of that server. As @Vattende
suggests, you should get in contact with the server admin about this issue.
Thanks :slight_smile:


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