Character deleted after loading screen

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Dear technical support.

Recently i have finished the latest Conan Exiles quest “Escape from the exiled lands”
After it i created a new character on the same server (Swerly, server: official 1038)
So i got some help from myfriends, and reserv some materials, I go fast with lvling up. I start to capture T4 thralls. When i done and want to go home. I use a maproom.
When i attempted to arrive near Sepermeru instead of loading into it i got an animation of some man with white hair (probably did not load the colors or character model correctly, also my character was female). While it was happening checked the journey log to see if the achievment of leaving the exiled lands is there: it was not.
After the animation completed it started loading a teleportation like normal. Ii get a screen of creating a new character (selecting ■■■, race and so on). After reloading the game the bug occures… like my character was deleted from the server. I am finishing the creation because i Love this game, but i fear, it will be repeat. You know taking 30+ takes at least 3-4 hours of oyur time normally even if you run fast and i also lost all equipment. Kinda critical bug. And yeah i did not reproduce it again… want it to be fixed and my character restored.

I search in forum, and i find, to another people have a same problem in 2018 in this topic name:

[Character gets deleted while entering the Dregs]

If you can help me to tell, how can i avoid to repeat that problem i will be realy grateful. And if you can restore my little Swerly (lvl30) I have 1568h gametime lesser than 1 year, i realy want to continue my journey :slight_smile:

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

  1. Finish “Escape the exiled lands” journey
  2. Create the new character with the same nickname on the same server
  3. (Optional) Waste half of the day to get equipment and lvl 30+
  4. Teleport with Maproom to see some white haired barbarian leaving the exiled lands and get your character deleted (twice in one day )

Dear technical support.

today I can’t keep myself and i was hoping, the server restart helping me I start to testig it. I make a new character i invited back to my clan, and I go the dredge, use a lot of maproom, and now, nothing, don’t deleted my character. So, if anyone have a same problem,
first suggestion: don’t do the final journey steps :smiley:
secound, in a same day don’t make a new character in the same server,
third: if you still do the last journey, you still creat a new character, DON’T go instance, or don’t use maproom in that day, wait until server resetig!

I now keep playing and if I meet with that problem i will warning :slight_smile:

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Confirmed. Verified this bug is present on modless dedicated servers.

Once you use the bracelet to escape, as long as you remain connected to the server, any new character(s) created will ‘escape’ and be deleted if any load screen is triggered by dungeon entrance, map room, potion, admin teleport etc. The character’s name being different or the same doesn’t matter, still happens.

This issue clears when you reconnect to the server, so it appears to be either a client-side variable that isn’t getting cleared and is fired to the server again every time a load screen occurs until they dis/reconnect, or it’s a server-side variable associated with an active player not getting cleared until they dis/reconnect.


Hey @Valoncry

Welcome to our community and thanks for the feedback. We’ve communicated this issue to our team.
@Daedalon thanks for the confirmation and extra information, we’ve relayed that as well.


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