Character deleted on PS4 offline server

I have not logged in for 2 weeks due to summer vacation and such. Hopped on this morning and was greeted by character creation screen. After logging back in once more to make sure I didn’t choose the wrong menu options and googling online for anyone else having this issue I created a new character.
Ran over to where my tier 1 base is to find it still there but the owner is no owner and my Thralls attacked me.
I had a level 60 character created a week after launch and logged out in my tier 3 base so why was it deleted/removed?

Hey there! Sorry to hear about your character.
The first thing that came to our minds is that you’re possibly not using the same “account” for the PS4. Like, the account you were using when you were “offline” and the account you’re using now are different somehow. Has anything changed for you in that sense?

Well i wish it were that easy, had not even thought about it. I just checked and it is my profile so that has not changed.

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