Character gets trapped behind cover and can't move


In the Grog Den, any character that hides behind one particular tall mechanical arm gets trapped there–can’t move. Oh–can’t load a screenshot as a new member; too bad. Okay, the location is: as one enters the main map area and turns right, there is a large shack with a ladder leading to an upper level. If one goes up the ladder and out the door (on the higher level terrain), there are two groups of barrels, and the mechanical arm I’m referring to.
In terms of being trapped:

  • Doesn’t matter which character
  • Doesn’t matter who is leading
  • Doesn’t matter if the group splits up or regroups.
    The only way I could free the trapped character is by traveling to another map location.
    I have run into this at a couple of other spots, but splitting up or regrouping usually freed the trapped member. This appears to be a bug.

This is definitely a bug. Thank you for bringing it to our attention. :slight_smile:

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