Character keeps auto attacking / swinging times to times


I have encountered this strange bug that keeps happening once in a while and now it really get to my nerves, let me explain

I am equipping pickaxe, hatchet, sickle or whatever, then i go out and gathering woods, stones, plant fiber or anythings that i need to gathering, i gather what i need but occasionally while gathering the character just keeps auto swinging without i am not even touching the mouse and keyboard it’s super annoying, and to make the character stop doing this temp. fix is go to inventory, click esc, or roll and put away your tools, then when i go gathering more stones for example, same thing keeps happening, character auto swinging

Is there a way to fix it ?
I have tried:
playing around with fps (lock it to specific and let it ran wild)
different mouses and keyboard
re-install the game from scratch
no mods and with mods
tried different resolutions
went under settings and change many things back and forth

At this point i feel like i have tried everythings, but it just keeps happening, i think it has somethings to do with you can hold down the mouse button and it auto swings but for whatever reason the “auto attack” getting stuck or somethings so it dosen’t recognize you aren’t clicking / holding down button anymore, it really need to get fixed, AND if you know a fix or a suggestion i haven’t tried, i am willing to give it a shot, i am open for ideas

Encountered the bug on:
Local server (Single player, NOT co-op)
Intel core i9-9900k
GTX 1080 FE (Founders edition)
Corsair Vengeance (RGB) Pro 32 GB ram, 3600mhz DDR4
ROG-Strix z390-F gaming motherboard
Samsung 970 Evo Plus NVME M.2 (Storage) 1TB
Samsung 970 Evo Plus NVME M.2 (Games) 2TB
I don’t know what else compononents really required to type down.

Again if any suggestion on how to fix this really stupid annoying bug please let me know, i am open for suggestions (And by the way i also did try on my laptop, Asus zephyrus G15 (2021) and exact same bug happening). So please fix this funcom!

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