Character login screen with token info AA training timers WB/RF/Raid cooldowns etc

Hello everyone,
It is so hard to keep track of what toon has done what and what toon needs what when you have >10 characters, and logging in to each one separately can be a pain and time consuming.

Wouldn’t it be nice to scroll through your characters in the login screen and see this information listed for each toon? ^^ AA timer countdown, tokens, WB, RF, Raid cooldowns, etc. ?

Is it just me or would others put this on their Wishlist as well?

Still enjoying this great game, always will, best combat and animations, outside of early bugs, wow the developers really did create an awesome MMO.


All that or at least show in-game money per character on selection screen - would already be a big help, since there is not a common character money pool and have to look for which one can buy certain expencive item or send money to other alt that needs it asap.

I have made a bebot module to keep track of my tokens. You can try it out if you want.

When ingame send this: /tell Isendyourcmd !tokens add shards 100 - would add 100 Atlantean Shards.
For more info: /tell Isendyourcmd !help tokens

Its all based on manual input by the player for each character.

Other open modules check: Helpfull modules for bebot, available to all ingame

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