Character Map transfer in single player and co-operative

Still don’t get how it will work but time will show,just wanna transfer my siptah character,I guess Funcom can make some limit for items so ppl can’t take huge stuff

Finally, I can now have my singleplayer character from the Exiled Lands leave her thralls in charge of her base, take a holiday to Isle of Siptah (copy existing EL to IoS), grab all those IoS feats and go back to the Exiled Lands (EL > IoS > EL) and a) her EL base will be intact and b) my lead thrall I left in charge won’t be going ‘Look at me. I’m the captain now.’


I mean I can’t do it on the official server If I get it right

Post in the wrong place, don’t read.

I think the transfer should work in its entirety! including from PVE to PVP.

THINK ABOUT: If everyone can use the resource then it is not fraud.
Dynamics would change, because many would move from PVE to PVP, this would give confidence. And PVP would gain new life by making it fast and at any time a clan could fall and come back and fall again. What about the Clan that tried to flee from PVP to PVE? just give a transfer deadline. Once a month. (Tell me where this could go wrong? and I can agree.)


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No, you can’t do the server transfer, because it’s not implemented yet. This is something new and separate from it. People who play mostly (or exclusively) single-player asked for it, and Funcom realized that they can implement and release that faster and more easily than the whole server transfer, so they’re doing that first.


This isn’t the thread for those kind of transfers. SP/Co-Op transfers are completely seperate from that, hence their own currently pinned thread.


I’m still new to the game. So does this mean I can transfer my single player character into one of my friends single player worlds?

I don’t think so. As this is about character transfer between Exiled land and the Isle of siptah in single player.

Greetings once again, Exiles.

We’ve got more news about this feature. We have edited the original post to reflect this new information.

On Xbox, it is now available as part of 2.4.6 in BETA form. The feature is functional, but it may sometimes not transfer the character on special circumstances. This should not cause data corruption or loss of characters, so we decided to make it available in this platform.

On Playstation, this feature will be disabled once 2.4.6 is released on this platform. This is a bit of disappointing news, but we chose not to risk data loss and corruption on this platform until we’ve made it fully functional. It will come in a future patch for this platform, and on Xbox as a final version as well.


Does co-operative mode work in Windows 7 again? Was that ever fixed?

Or is this one of those things that is never getting fixed so I should stop asking lest I be nagged with the “just upgrade to Windows 10” spiel?

I’m waiting for this for ONLINE.

Transfer characters from PVE/PVP (Official / Private), etc.



Well, I transferred my EL character on xbox (journey steps remaining ‘escape the Exiled Lands’). No real issues upon arrival. Feats, skills and gear intact. A few journey steps didn’t carry over. Currently recipe / feat shopping with her on IoS. Will transfer her back over to EL in a few hours from a second xbox. If she arrives as intended - intact, I’ll cloud sync the primary xbox. If she arrives busted, no syncing for her.


I’d just like to spare myself another possible 500 hours grind by visiting EL for 30 mins to pick up a recipe then come back.(to IoS)

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The don’t read online true pvpers request so we going to protest.

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From 2.4 patch notes:

(Coming Soon - we are still developing and testing this feature and it is currently disabled) Added new character transfer feature, from an Official server to another Official server, from an unofficial server to another unofficial server, or from an Official server to an unofficial server, from or to the Exiled Lands and Siptah (Unofficial servers will be able to disable this feature if they desire). We will release an announcement closer to the full launch of this update where we will provide more details about this feature.

Server transfers will work in this order: Official PVP → Official PVEC → Official PVE → Unofficial
Meaning, you can transfer between the same level or to a level below. But not from below to above. Meaning, a PVP player can transfer to another Official PVP server, or to any other mode. An Official server PVE player, on the other hand, can transfer to another PVE Official server or to an unofficial server, but not to an Official PVEC or PVP server.

We will release a full announcement detailing how it works once we’re nearing the final launch of this feature.

Thusfore according to this it has not been officially released according to announcements but is in the testing.

Is there a link to updates on when the feature will be live?

SP /Co-op transfers have been live for the last few days

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Any update on the server transfer feature? I’ve been waiting to move to siptah.

Outside of sp and co-op character copy (which is live)? Nope, no actual date for the other seperate transfers.

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