Character name not transferring between single player maps properly

Game mode: [Single-player]
Type of issue: [Bug]
Server type: [PvE]
Region: [Oceana]

Hardware: [Xbox Series X]

Bug Description:

A friend transferred his single player game from the Exiled Lands to Siptah oh his Xbox One S and then transferred back from Siptah to the Exiled Lands on my X series Xbox and the name now has ?? In place of some letters the name Skadi now shows as Sk??di

Expected Behavior:

Expected the name to transfer properly

Steps to Reproduce:

Transfer from Exiled lands to Siptah on one Xbox and back from Siptah to Exiled lands on another Xbox???

Hi @Zevrandrizzt

Could you please ask your friend to reach out to us so that we can look into this?
We would need some additional information regarding this issue in order to investigate further.

That would be me. Used character copy to send Skaði (with that spelling), my singleplayer character that has every feat and recipe learnable in Exiled Lands and a single journey step left - Escape the Exiled Lands, from EL to Isle of Siptah on Xbox One S. Transferred over with all skill points, feats and gear intact. Journey steps were mostly intact, though ‘Build a home’ did not carry over and couldn’t get it to complete even after temporarily placing 50 foundations. ‘Kick’, ‘Dodge’, Climb’ also failed to carry over but completed normally. Her name also failed to carry over from EL, listed now as Sk??di. Anyway, thought nothing of it at the time, grabbed every unique to IoS recipe available, saved, turned my xbox off, went to friends house the following afternoon , loaded up my profile and Conan on their Xbox Series X, used copy character 24 hours after the initial transfer, sending Skaði back to EL. Arrived with absolutely everything intact (solo clan, perks, skill points, feats, equipment, base and thralls ) except her name which was still not displaying correctly.

Would using recreate character on Isle of Siptah to create a twin with a different name, boosting her to 60, grabbing feats /recipes then using copy character to have her overwrite my character with the broken name on Exiled Lands work?

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