Character selection in Saga Server


In character selection my toon has the same outfit as the one i had in Tortage, I have changed armor, weapons, vanity slots as i progress however this is not refrected back in the character selection. Is there a problem there?


As the char, delete all extra chat channels, log out of char and log back in. Usually it restores not only appearance but also cancels channel deletion.


This is part and parcel of the issue of settings not saving. Some people only have the character appearance not updating, others have their user interface settings fail to update/save when they relog but their character appearance on the log in screen does update…welcome to one of Age of Conan’s oldest um “quirks”
for help to getting your character on your login screen to accurately reflect his journey in Conan’s brutal world…see this thread:

it lists some of the work arounds that people have had success with over the years.

Though I suspect due the the unique nature of the Saga server character, you may have to wait until character is transferred to Crom for the work-arounds to be successful…


Thnx for the reply. I also have the interface settings not saving issue :slight_smile:


I try it in this order:
a) ensure I’m letting the game relog me to the character screen (ie wait out the 15sec, and that it does auto-relog me to the character screen and doesn’t get stuck at login point)
b) create a new chat window (press * in the corner of the chat windows) and set this as global or nph if you don’t have global. Delete ALL other chat windows; type /reloadui TWICE in the new chat window, DO NOT type anything else…and use F10 or Esc to get to the menu to pick Exit Game… then let the game relog me to character screen
c) go into a solo instance, ensure all my user interface settings are the way I want them then “get bound” by killing a boss … try Bubshur house in Khopshef …and then relog letting the game take me back to character screen.
d) sigh and wish I was brave enough to use the solution to do with changing files in my Funcom folder


Thnx @Kwalya I will try this as soon as I get home :slight_smile: