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This wouldn’t be a problem if the character growth stats weren’t reset. Now he gets stuck indoors and in narrow aisles. From my clan, this only happened to me. I cannot and do not want to create a new character due to the fact that my height was changed against my will. Fix it, please.

I have prepared a screenshot describing the problem if it is not clear yet. BUT I CAN’T PUT IT INTO THE MESSAGE BECAUSE I AM A NEW USER

Hey there,

I believe this is a known issue. However, could you tell me if

  • this is happening on single-player, co-op, dedicated servers or official servers?
  • you are using any mods?

For future reports, please use the [PC] Conan Exiles Bug Report Guidelines.

I have moved your thread to the PC bugs subforum, as it provides an issue report. Your thread will be seen regardless.

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Ok, got it. I play on the official server (6051) without mods.

Before and after the update, the character has different faces and heights.
link-code - sUUjaao

Will it be fixed?

Hmmm if your character stucks in doorframes etc…it’s actually pretty good. You just got character with broken height sliders= more reach with your weapons. So just abuse this change on pvp servers.

They are currently hotfixing high priority issues from Update 2.1.

A few more questions:

  • Did you choose default character height at character creation?
  • Have you played before Update 2.1 and if so, did you have any issues before?
  • Are you able to pass through doorways etc. if you crouch?
  • If you have any armor on, could you try taking it off and back on?
    The occasional relog or server restart may also fix this, but it is possible this will not fix itself.

Unfortunately, I can not find any recent posts regarding this issue. This is likely because these issues are usually caused by mods which change character size / sliders.
Feel free to search the forums for related threads yourself.

  1. Yes, I chose the smallest height
  2. I sent the screenshot as it was before the update :slight_smile: Yes, I played and there were no problems
  3. Usually I can go through the doors, but it is not always possible to enter the lower objects.
  4. Stuck with and without armor
  5. No, it doesn’t help

I wrote that I don’t use mods

A friend of mine also grew up after using a mirror to change his appearance.

Just to confirm, did you use a mirror yourself before this happened?

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