Character stuck / Settings not saved after death PS4

Game mode: Singleplayer
Problem: Bug
Region: NA

On PS4 i disable dual shock controls in settings so I’m able to back peddle while still facing my enemy. After death and respawn i can’t move and the dual shock control seems to be reenabled. I can jump, kick, punch, and roll “in place”. If i go into settings while this is taking place dual shock control is still disabled even though i don’t back peddle. I can fix the issue by enabling and then disabling it again and I can then move.

So to sum it up 2 issues.
1: The disabling of dual shock controls doesn’t seem to save after death “even though it shows it is disabled”.
2: With dual shock controls disabled, dying and respawning results in a stuck in place bug. I can fix this by enabling and disabling the dual shock controls in settings to be able to move again.