Character suddenly becoming hot when I leave my building

Recently I crafted a set of hyperborean slaver armor with the intention of heading to the cold lands. Ever since I equipped it my character has started having problems with heat. Even after putting my exceptional medium armor back on. Is there a reason I have been experiencing problems with heat ever since I put the heavy armor on? I wore the medium armor for a few weeks before even thinking of heading north and never had this problem with the heat.

It sounds you equip the armor in a warm area just wear you cold armor untill you hit the north there you swap to your Hyperborean slaver armor. when you pass the betrayer bridge to the icy north you getting cold bring hot food with you!

I did equip the cold weather armor in the desert but when I noticed my temperature beginning to rise I immediately switched back to the armor I had been wearing previously. But since the moment I equipped the cold weather my character has been constantly experiencing heat stroke. Anytime I step out of my building my temperature begins to rise immediately and quickly to the point I start burning through water faster than I had in the past.

Before I equipped the heavy armor I never had to worry about the heat. It just never affected my character but I was in the medium armor before that. I am just trying to figure out why my level 60 character, never having to worry about heat at any time before than now suddenly my character starts overheating the moment I step out of my building.

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