Character Transfer how long can I keep it uploaded

How long can I leave my character uploaded and will me horse decay in my backpack.
Cant seem to find the answers.

I didn’t understand the 1st part of that but yes, horses have a decay timer - both foals and adult horses who haven’t been placed yet. It’s quite long though.

Id be happy if I could upload my siptah character. Stuck in the upload menu

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Hes asking if the sytem is like Ark, where you can upload and leave things in “upload” and not having to download them to a server, the second part is that he has a horse in his inventory and wonders if it will die while in upload.


Surely someone can tell me the answer to this.

pro tip: if all members of your clan are disconnected then there isn’t a decay timer to worry about, even in the “void” when your character is in the “cloud” after uploading it from a server.

So no, your horse will not decay as long as you don’t import your character to a server.

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