Character transfer re enable please

Please reactivate character transfer…i am on a dead server
I can accept to rebuild a base, but i cannot starting a new character in a more populated server.

I don’t believe that is a technical difficulty for Funcom…
Thanks for understanding.



Welcome to the forums, @uomovideo!

I have bad news for you, that’s exactly the reason why transfers are not available.

Thanks for reply…well, can you tell me if they are actually finding a solution to this problem?..because i see a lot of dead servers…

i will join the chore…
What do we want? TRANSFER
When do we want it? NOW… or monday :slight_smile:

They’re trying to make it work as it should, but have not provided any estimate for when it might be available again.

If you really want a more active server, it’s in your own best interest to start over on one rather than wait.

“Technical difficulty” is the reason they disabled sever transfer. Everything is technically difficult for them. As wonderful as server transfer was when it worked, it failed a lot and it was a huge headache for them to deal with all the failures.

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