Character Voices

I know not many people may like this. or most will like this. I wanted to suggest that we have a option for a limited voice where if we fall we do not scream are heads off. coming from the rp side of conan and even pve when you start falling and you scream like an absolute getting annihilated. maybe like a soft gronaing or something less deafening for the player and people around i know there was a topic about people being completely silent. Something similar Could do slight groans a slight surprised breathe in realistically if you wanted to be like an assassin would you really scream if you fell like 2 feet and even irl in this type of time if you fell from 2-4 feet most would be like “oh crap” not “AHHHHHHHH” and you just land on your feet but i thought i would try to put my point out with my horrible grammar and see what could be done hope i helped if not then i apologize.

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