Character wipe at launch?

Hi everyone: I’m playing single player Conan Exiles on Xbox One X, my question is, Am I gonna lose all my progress once the the game is released?, I’m asking because, it took a lot of grinding to reach my current level 44 since I’m playing with default settings and it’s gonna be a pain having to restart all over again. Thanx…

If you play on a official server you will lose it cause all official servers get wiped. If you play on private server you will only lose when the admin of this server decided to wipe. If you play sp by yourself you won’t lose anything (hopefully😉)

What BiJay said is true. However, with all the new material and changes made in the current TestLive patch of the game, it doesn’t seem to ‘play nice’ with an existing build. It may be wise to wipe your single player game and start from the beginning again so that the changes will integrate smoothly (relatively speaking).

Yes , I’m SP by myself and thanx guys, looking foward to launch day.

I can’t think of a reason as why you wouldn’t want to start fresh on the day the game releases.

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