Charcters deleted twice

Hello everyone.
I have a problem and Funcom apparently cannot help me with it.
I had already two characters on #6012 PVE server of Isle of Siptah and they were both deleted for a reasons that are unknown to me. The same pattern - I got disconnected and got message saying “You have been kicked by BattleEye. Reason: Bad Service Version”. After both times, when I returned to the server, the character creation screen appeared. I checked all of my files and they seem to be okay. When I contacted Funcom, they told me they cannot restore my characters and that maybe reinstalling the game would help, but it didn’t, because my second character was deleted the same way after I had reinstalled it.
Does anyone know what may cause this problem? Thank you in advance for any answers.

Did you verify your game cache files on steam?

removing all 3rd party anti-virus software is a likely solution

I don’t have any anti-virus software, just because I’ve seen them already messing with game files on my previous laptop.

Yes, I verified them both through steam and through game files themselves and everything seemed to be OK.

For clarification, it should be enough to make an exception in the anti-virus software to ignore the Steam folders, rather than remove anti-virus altogether. I’m reasonably certain that a large number of players would still benefit from having an anti-virus software for their other online activities.

Not really,

  1. Windows already have one, and it’s one of the better ones
  2. Regardless of anti-whatever software installed issue if having malicious software boils down to unit between chair and keyboard

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