Chasing players and pvp overall


  1. Im having issues with chasing players , today i was chasing guy with 100 hp for 5 minutes because first attack from sword is so slow that even slowly running person without stamina walk out of the range of this attack without any issues , this attack is supose to close range but there is always like 1 cm missing to hit , running away should be way harder after you decided to fight and come close to enemy. This is 100% reward for escaping person because he tried to kill me but still he failed and easly hold W + shift = 100% succes to escape … come on devs
  2. Please make 3 weapon slots for everyone to carry , not all types… where is decision making and where is risk involved? Imagine having 3 slots ,1 slot for 1 handed weapon , 1 slot for 2 handed weapon and 1 for range bow/throwable , this would make game 3x more fun , risky and decision driven , and more skilled pvp, what to pick , what type of weapon and what style to play and how.
  3. Imagine you can see weapons you carry on your back like 2h sword, 1h sword and shield over it , great visual upgrade.

please someone answer or comment that because chasing people is a problem now and nobody seems to care

Kill 'em with a sickle. You can attack while moving. Normal weapons make you stop.

this is not the tool/wepon that should be used in chasing players , that;s what im talking about

Yeah I know it. It’d be nice if they allowed us to keep moving while using our weapons.

Enemies need this too. There are many enemies that ‘cannot’ hit a player walking normally. I had a pack of wolves follow me around for about 10 minutes while I was ignoring them, using a sickle on plants.

Anyway, movement while attacking would help with this issue. In the interim, you could try faster weapons and/or ones with better reach. Such as the light attack on daggers.

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This problem they have since 31. 01. 2017

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