Cheaper faster treehouses (Debaucheries of Derketo DLC)

Treehouses don’t need to be permanent and unassailable, they should be cobbled together with readily available materials and abandoned when no longer needed, much like the highly convenient bridges provided in the same DLC. The version of treehouse foundation available is awesome but impractical, requiring extensive production facilities with multiple stages to craft a product that is way too heavy! Definitely not suited to guerilla warfare.

I’m currently using them to build a suspended base, but it’s a novelty project that I wouldn’t recommend for a headquarters, or even a strike base. It has it’s own design challenges and it’s been quite fun, but I’d prefer to have the versatility of flotsam tier construction for smaller camps and hidden caches. Couldn’t the Derketo DLC include treehouse foundations with more convenient production requirements.


I think some sort of t1 treehouse stuff would be great - it feels more like the ‘right’ tier for it, aside from anything else. My guess would be that they put the treehouse foundation in t3 because that’s just where all dlc building pieces went - which makes some sense, since most are going to want the fancy stuff for late game. But then when Siptah came out, it was great to get a whole new t1 build set (and I think people generally reacted positively to that) - so hopefully maybe we’ll get more lower tier options in future as well as the end game stuff (though I’m sure t3 probably still needs to be the majority). I doubt they’ll go back and alter the Derketo dlc - they just don’t seem to go back and change any of the dlcs once they’re fully out - but hopefully they might consider giving us some t1 treehouse pieces at some point :slight_smile:

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