Cheapest and easiest class to 220+ without struggle?

So what would be easiest to level to 220 without major twinking and need of gear to 220+ tried engie didnt work out and tried keeper and shade big nope :frowning: So any suggestion just want to have chilled time and game to 220+ and also able to do dalies without constent askin for help (amazing self heals and DD)

In before everyone yells “Martial Artist”.

Any guides on ma that would work on rk19 ?

I believe

is still rather relevant, but it probably doesn’t cover the changes that came with the profession / nano formula rebalance (Zazen stance etc).
The old forum still has plenty of threads worth reading, just switch to “Beginning” under “Thread Display Options”.

Keeper a big nope O.o … from my experience got 5 or 6 of them xD ), it is one of the easiest. … Bio cocoon to absord damage … Aura of Revival to heal

Crat is pretty easy, depending what your looking to do, can be easier than MA, but MA is good solid option too. No heals on crat, but charms, calms & debuffs for crowd control.

Tried keeper and didn’t like them at all since bad experience and crat is okay have one on reg rk5