Cheater anti-gamer on 1976 PVE Official Server

I want to report an user, this is his Steam Profile:

He is a new player on 1976 PVE Official Server and built a big base in the middle of the iron field, on F5. We tried to talk with him in many languages, spanish, portuguese and english but he totally ignore all players and continue building, deleting all the spawn of iron in the area.

We ask you not to allow this kind of players in the server, this anti-gamer behavior that will kill the game. We have a nice server, a great community of players who help each other, but this selfish players shouldn’t be allowed, because new players can’t get iron easily from other side, they can’t go to the north if they are low level.

Please I hope you check this topic and ban this user or do something. I’m talking not just for me but for all the server who is suffering this guy attitude. Thank you in advance.

@Ignasis @Hugo


Ele é um jogador no server 1976 PVE Official e construiu uma base enorme no meio de um campo de minério de ferro, em F5 (no mapa). Tentamos contato com ele em várias linguas, e ele nao responde e continua construindo, acabando com o spawn de minério de ferro.

Pedimos para que nos ajudem no server, há muitos iniciantes e o que ele fez atrapalha a todos. Obrigado!


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