Cheater in CONAN

CHEATERS EVERYWHERE. I PLAY ON PC SERVER 1080… there is a chinese clan undermeshing. building under the map. glichting in your base and so on… and who cares ??? no one… no support no help no developer even trying to keep this game alive.

so think twice to spent more money in this game.

better look for another game … buy new world from amazon or something

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Did you report the undermeshers?

How to contact us

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Make sure to reach us this way to report players, clans or exploits. We won’t be able to refund or return any loss of property caused by an infraction or abuse and as a result, any such requests will be dismissed.

If you want to appeal a ban , you will first have to have read these rules and make yourself aware of them. Once you have done that, get in touch with us in the way described above and provide the following details:

  • Platform
  • Name of the Server
  • If on PC, a link to your Steam profile.
  • Clan or clan names you used to play in.

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Chinese clan …

I already ask to block asian and russian IP address peoples to EU servers. It will solve the problem.

Let them cheat between them on their servers.

Unless they change it drastically upon release, Conan Exiles players will most likely hate it. The beta was just endless “kill N of these, bring proof” quests with no real variety. No building system, no thralls or followers. I did like the idea of the conflict system, but never got far enough with my leveling to participate in it. :man_shrugging:

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I was curious as well. I have been following some streams and watched a few reviews. It seems that the majority feel that the endgame is pretty much non-existent, there is zero incentive for open world pvp and the “territory war” system is poorly implemented. New World is a pretty game with a good crafting system but apparently, that is pretty much it at least at this stage. Knowing what I know, I would wait for the new CE map.

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Please review the following thread.

There are instructions in this thread to follow to properly report this incident.