Cheater in PvE - C #3828; fighter enters other’s buildings, invincible, etc

Game mode: [Online PvE-C during the combat PvP times]
Problem: [Cheat or Glitch]
Region: [NAm Official PvE-C #3828]

New level of frustration has cropped up on official PvE-C 3828 by the name of RATO (online Delux 80) in Brazuka clan. This rabid perp logs on during the PvP times (1700h PST) & chases down any player in an ambush assault. However, his thrall, a Beastmaster Teimos, doesn’t seem to suffer much damage from any attacks & almost killed me with 2 swings of his long sword (I’m a lvl 60 in Flawless Cimmerian heavy, with about 480 HP). A PvP experienced friend also had his thrall kill her with 3 arrows. We’re calling CHEATER on this dude, possibly the pork cheat.

Also alarming is that he has been able to get his thrall or horse to ENTER OUR CLOSED BUILDINGS (both my clan’s & a friendly solo player’s) during combat times on this PvE-C server when that should NOT be possible. His thrall got into my building & killed me easily a couple times so I just logged off. He comes up to the sides of our buildings and then somehow his thrall or horse is inside. Thus far he hasn’t been able to loot our corpses but yet his thrall is able to escape the closed rooms.

Is this a known glitch on PvE-C servers?

I have some windows & lattice walls on that building & my ally has a couple windows - could that be a glitch opening for him to get his thrall inside?

Simply put, this jerk is making playable times during our after work prime time next to impossible. I know Funcom would like screen shots & all that jazz, but that’s a bit difficult when you’re being slaughtered in 2 seconds.

I’ve been enjoying many hours of Conan Exiles over the past weeks & months, and I could also mention that the HORSE AI needs to be fixed right now… no body trains a horse to stand on their heels. The former excuse from Funcom that horses follow too close to participate in battle is moot now as horses no longer attack in any manner since a couple patches ago.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Enter official PvE-C #3828
  2. Go to the Brazuka base west of New Asagarth & the player builds south of the Black Keep bridge during PvP times.
  3. Wait for RATO/Delux 80 of Brazuka clan to go all rabid hound on you b/c he’s got an Uber thrall and perhaps other cheats.
  4. FYI, never had an issue with any other Brazuka member prior to this.


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