Cheater with unlimited Explosives, only online during raidtime official #1106

Game mode: [Online | Server 1106]
Problem: [Hacker/Cheater]
Region: [EU]


we are having a problem With a Chinese guy coming online 1700 every day, blowing up Ours and the others on the serves bases/outposts. he is only online during Raid tile, and goes around blowing up Things the entire time.

we tried making a full grit character and we still couldnt Catch him/her.
would be Nice if the Devs would look into this, we tried just ignoring it a few days, but now we are on day 4 and the guy still comes online. his ingame nake is “Fla$h”.

we are afraid he will kill the server if he gets to roam free there.

Papa Bear