Cheaters on official Servers? (#1962 official PVP oceana [PC])

So we’ve now got speed hackers, with weapon hacks and the ability to fly. Is anything able to be done about this, or do we just request a refund on steam? From all the information available online, it would appear that the developers do not actively protect their servers against this.

It appears that these cheaters were meshing into bases, but they were countered hard, and have now come back with all the cheats dialled up to 11.

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To appease the others here I must disclaimer I do not work for funcom and am not here solely to ridicule you.

Have you read the pinned post by Ignasis on conduct on official servers? They 100% do actually do something about hackers if you report them using the appropriate method detailed in the post.

I would urge you go take a read and follow the process if you are having problems with cheaters on your server. This question feels pretty loaded and overdramatic but in the event you are actually serious and sincere about finding out how to deal with cheaters, I’ll link you that post.

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They 100% do NOTHING actually. Ive been onto them for weeks now about this issue. First they hit 1974 oceana server and wiped it. Now they are in 1962.

Followed the community guidelines. Sent screenshots, made discussions , sent PMs contacted the whole of the @Community and a stuggled to even get a reply. The only person to even acknowledge me was @Hugo but even then nothings been done.

By your own screenshot you’re just showing you’ve basically just thrown in some insults to further make your case unappealing.

Have you been providing him with more details to work with and given him time to process and act on it? Sounds like they’re working on it, by your own admission.

1962 official PVP was a good server. My clan gave up when the undermeshing began, and now they are using hacks? Most likely because every clan on 1962 ( unlike 1974) banded together to fight them. Pretty sure some of the top clans were beating them at one stage?

I’ve dealt with Funcom support before. Dont hold your breath. I’m telling you now you wont see an admin on 1962. The official server will die, just like 1974.

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@Jimbo I don’t understand why I should have to move to a private server because of the cheaters? Shouldn’t the responsibility for resolving the issue with game abuse lie with the providers of the servers? I’m aware that the cost of monitoring and managing the servers could be excessive if done with paid administration, but there is an active community of players that could be given the ability to report issues that could be swiftly dealt with by administrative staff - this would save the issue of false reports, as well as ensuring the servers are significantly cleaner and better.

Actually I’m only really here, I’m not an avid forum user.

That’s not really what I’m saying but yeah private servers have more dedicated admins and that’s a well known fact.

You really like my name, don’t you? That’s also vastly far from the truth. We all paid for the game save for a couple pirates that are bound to be lurking somewhere, and my experiences contacting the devs have been just fine because I’m civil with them and they’re civil with me.

100% this. It’s good to be your own admin or to find a server of like-minded individuals. Officials always have been the lawless frontier and that attracts the type of folks who want that. There’s only so much you can do to stem the tide of exploiters but at the end of the day they can’t be there to stop every cheater on every server the second it happens. It’s just not possible unless they shutter most of the servers which deprives many from playing on them.

Hi Jimbo - you’ve posted the link to the T&C’s - but who actually enforces these rules? From these forums and all other sources I’ve read, the enforcement of the rules appears to be non-existent. I’m seriously not trolling here - I like the game, I like the community (for the most part) but there is a significant amount of negative behaviour that appears to be running unchecked.

If it can’t be addressed, there are a number of other games that appeal more, with more active community, and I’m quite happy to refund my game and move there.

So it seems u can ban someone off a forum for trying to report cheaters and not getting any support but you cant get off ur ■■■■■ and fix ur f@$%ing servers

Welcome back, Dave

As of currently, Hugo would be the one to talk to. Ignasis is currently on vacation but normally either of them can help you out.

Not quite but I can understand why you think that. The official servers are mainly unmoderated unless exploits are reported, then action is taken against the exploit. They don’t actively moderate or focus on smaller issues like griefing, rather focusing on working on patching the exploits they find as they pop up. That’s the part people like our friend Dave seem to miss.

I don’t think anyone wants to have their gaming experience ruined so badly by cheaters that they have to return it. Best I can say is to have patience. Message Hugo, and let him help you out. It may take a few days though, as he’s working alone currently and his inbox is full of love letters from Dave.

Hi Jimbo,

Sorry new here - how do I message @Hugo? Simply in this forum with a tag, message privately on the forum or somewhere else?

Not davey but yeah ok im actually in the server aswell goanna lxix are u here to troll jimbo or are u going to pull ur finger out

So why was this post made hidden? Is this to prevent any negative connotations to Funcom doing nothing about cheaters?

I must admit that this does nothing for my confidence levels with the capacity for Funcom to actually address the cheaters.

@Jimbo @Hugo any response on this?