Cheaters on server 1307

I regret that on official server there are a players uses a cheats. It disturbs to play me and to get me fun and plaisir of game. So unfortunatelly I had stopped to play.

If it is possible coukd you check the server PVP #1307 because I suppose the clan named “Teiko” and especially its clanleader Murasakibara. They always know where located another players bases and chests. And also they know the place of the chests on the base (may be through the walls). They don’t spend time to find the bases.

I can’t attached screenshots because I was offline while they were raiding my base.

report the issue here: Found an Exploit? Here's how to report it!
They may have been using an exploit to go under the mesh, I think.

(Sidenote;Cheats should have been catched by BattlEye or Denuvo)

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