Cheaters on the server 1111

Good evening,
I would like to say that I am fed up with cheats on the official 1111 server.
The Russians attack us undermesh bug the server and can put explosive jars.
I appeal to the administrators of Funcom to do a few things !!

Russians … all is say.

EU servers must be reachable only by EU resident peoples, not peoples who live in Russia or in Asia. (Create servers for them).

Some peoples will not like what i write, but it is the true. And it will solve many problems …

(post flagged by community, it is not good to tell the truth!)

One solution is also for administrators to log in and fire them from the server. And that they be banned from their steam account.
And at the same time they give us back those they took from us.
Any cheater should be banned. And not just a week, at least 1 month. Recurrence 6 months …

Do not Cry :rofl:

The best is they can not connect to the servers, with regions based servers.

If they cheat it is the company fault to not fix the game.

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Forums are not the place to post this and expect results.

Please read the following post and follow the directions.