Cheating a T3 build with hidden T1 Foundations

I’m starting a big project in my new single player Exiled Lands playthrough on return to the game and I’m planning to build a large T3 Yamatai castle. Obviously, being T3 the construction parts are expensive and time-consuming to make so I had the idea to “fill in” all the foundation pieces that won’t show once the build is complete with just T1 sandstone foundations instead, to speed things up. Then I’d just put the Yamatai blocks around and on top of those so they don’t show. A bit like creating your own mound out of sandstone and then building on top of that.

Can anyone think of any reason why this might be a bad idea, game-mechanics-wise? I’m not worried about the Purge, as I have plenty of thralls and most of the base is surrounded by water anyway. I just wonder if there’s anything I haven’t considered, structurally speaking?

If the base is surrounded by water and the purge can’t reach it they will spawn inside the structures and the sandstone might be a problem

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It won’t be totally surrounded by water. Only on 3 sides.

Do they still spawn inside your base if there’s land access on one side?

Good question. You are basically talking about a “carapace” build (hard shell on the outside and soft on the inside). Like a beetle.

The only real problem is going to be the Purge. Some purges are weak and a T3 foundation is sufficient to stop their attacks without too much damage. Some purges are strong and it takes several T3 foundations to stop their attacks. So if you are being attacked by a strong purge, a single T3 foundation is a good start, but once they penetrate that one, if they are that strong, they will tear through your sandstone like a hot knife through butter.

So, if you have a carapace build, make certain that you have multiple T3 layers before they get to the ‘soft’ part of your base. That could be a thick wall, channeled choke points, an arena ‘kill zone’, and so forth. There’s all kinds of options to design your defense.

Also, make sure the Purge has at least one clear path to walk to your base. If they cannot path to your base, they will spawn inside your base. Now if you have an arena set up, that could be a good thing as you get them to spawn inside your ‘kill zone’. But you don’t want them to spawn inside your production center and just start trashing all your work benches and chests.

Hope that helps.

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The downside for me is always aesthetics and shame. Even if I wouldnt see the T1 foundations, I’d still know they were there and be overcome with self loathing and despair.


Thanks - that does help a lot. I’m basically building on a lake, with the front side of the castle beginning on land but the rest will be surrounded by water. So the purge will have walking access to the gatehouse and the front, which is where I plan to hold my defense. Hopefully it should work.

It does bother me a bit though that the purge always seems to ignore me and my thralls and just starts hacking away at building pieces. They should at least make an effort to fight the combatants that are guarding the area.

Yeah, strangely enough this has been my biggest stumbling block as well. I’m not sure how happy I’ll be knowing that the sandstone is there, even if I can’t see it lol

I’m trying to push past it.

Well I play on PS4 so from my personal experience what you did is correct since it is pve that we speak . Now , the only places I would never try to build this way is the mount of the dead and the volcano .

The mount of the dead because of the Cimmerian Berserker purge ,it is a really challenging purge and if they manage to break the first foundation then , every swing is a foundation minus , so building like this in the mount of the dead is not a good idea .

Volcano for the scelos cultists purge , it is the same and maybe worst than the Cimmerian Berserker purge .

Any place else you build this way you will have no problems but at the same time the purge is so easy that it takes only you and a thrall to stop it very easy .
Now about the spawn in base purge ,have no worries if your surface foundations and walls are tier 3 . Try however not to use to many chests for materials , sometimes 2 vaults can be enough for everything you want to store . One hint is to guide your purge by placing in another place a wheel of pain and a tier 3 religion with some decoratives away from you base . The decoratives can be water wells ,statues ,flower pots etc… Still the greatest attraction for purge is the big wheel of pain ,the bigger the better and ofcurse you will use only this one until your purge meter is full :wink: .

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Not a good idea, build all in T3.

If there is a bug purge inside your base … not a ggod idea to have T1 :slight_smile:

If you are playing offline single player make yourself admin and use admin command. This way you can get all the building pieces you want.

If you’re online playing solo no clan. Then it will take a long time.

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