Cheating during non raiding times?


So. I’ve been playing conan for about a year now. Love the game! Recently I joined a new PS4 official server. Built my base and this is where the fun starts or so i thought. There is a clan on the server that seems to be able to get into my base during the day. Not during raiding times. Steal all my worker thralls, loot in non lockables like work benches and my thralls in my wheel of pain. The base is 100% closed and there is no way of just walking or climbing in. They i assume use my world map to spawn out with all the goods. I removed my world map and found one player dead in my base. Whats going on here? Has anyone ever seen this? I want to report them but need evidence obviously but how to i prove this? I love this game and is all for fair play. Wipe my base during raiding time no probs. Well done… but this is a shocker!

I think you basically need to catch them in the act and grab it on video, see how they get in. If they don’t do it while you’re online, get a friend to log in and watch your base for you.

It’s also not impossible that they’ve just found a really clever but legal way to get into your base. Some anti-climbing tech can be circumvented with the Agility 50 double-jump, for example. (I use it sometimes to get into my own base when I can’t bother going around for the door.)


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