Cheating is out of hand

You need address this already, it has been YEARS, cheaters being left alone. dupers, controlling the econ, under-meshers going where ever they want inside players bases or having their bases meshed, Outside Green wall. This list goes ON and ON, Name a exploit, a cheat, a way from someone to by pass the system. AND IT IS STILL in this game.
How the hell is this stuff in the game? if you clearly cant fix your game, then have someone job be BANNING, have a fuction ingame that lets you REPORT, Log events, record 30seconds button INGAME. we should not need a FKING 3rd party program TO REPORT SOMETHING that you should already have as a fail safe.

Im sick and tired of looking 3days EVERYWHERE in the map, to find out they are FKING undermeshed, or outside the greenwall. AND YOU CANT REPORT THEM. You guys are FKING morons. if it has been this ■■■■■■■■ long without a way for us to do something about it. every fking MOBA has a report ingame feature. yet you lazy fks just push out DLC after DLC with NOTHING done about ANYTHING.
Im fking done with you guys. just like 10s of thousands of player that knew this game wasnt being progressed.
And that magical ADD on MAP that will never come out. Wont fix a fking thing. it is just another DLC with new bugs to break the system.

Good job, a Great game is nothing but shyt in the hands of those that have no idea what their doing.
Good fking job.

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