Cheating on 6002

We got on server 6002 at release, had a lot of fun. Some things are broken like Question Mark mentioned before. But since it is early access its very playable and generally a good game.

So we play build up most of us been playing for 3000 to 4000 hours, so we know what we are doing in general. We have a full clan and doing well for the first week. Then we run into some Chinese players. They start later, somehow bypass the ping limit while we struggle even to log on because the server generally has bad pings. And they openly cheat the :heart::heart::heart::heart: out of the server. We run with horses galoping and guys run past us on foot to disapear into the horizon. Then we discover they are building under the textures and the server is starting to crash and reboot very frequent for no reason. Sometimes a lot of players on other times low pop. We record the cheating players building illegal and using exploit software and report but nothing happens and there is no response or actions from funcom. We even watch the same guys stream on Huya doing it.

Other clans and players report it too but nothing happens. More and more people get raided and a whole damn lot of explosive jars are used. Way more then we were able to farm with a full clan of active and experienced players. Strange unexplainable tactics are used. Anti climbings are mysteriously skipped.

So we kinda guessed what would happen we have been pretty active but tonight we were on a little later then usual. And logging on to find ourselves killed beds destroyed. Base raided, anti climbings undamaged, the way up still intact and undamaged. Damage started in the top room of a heavily fortified base, base was on top of a cliff on one of the better spots of the map. and there was no spot to jump onto the base from a tower or terrain.

Within 3 day the raiding clan had endgame gear. had multiple locations underneath the textures. Ran around with speedhacks and were one shotting players and ripping through all the bases on the map. Using amounts of resources and high level gear that would have been impossible to farm in that short period of time. Duping not proven but it seems impossible to have done that without.

There is no way to retaliate without going down into the textures and risk getting banned ourselves. and dupe our ■■■■■ off too. We decided not to. But we also see no point to keep playing.

Unless Funcom seriously steps up the control over official servers i wouldnt recommend anyone buying or playing this game.

This is the same encountered on many many official servers, if not all at one time or another.
And has been going on for many years. A waste of time and money the in current state. Unless you play single player or PVE.

Servers are dying and people are quiting. Funcom do something!


I fully agree with you.
I have try many times to explain what need to be fixed.
They do not listen and instead they continue to break things that was working before (like the healing recently).
I do not know what to do more …

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Amen, i have been played since 2018 and i ve seen this in every server i ve played. In fact, 5 days ago i was raided in one official server by a chinese clan, damage started inside my base, they went inside throw the mesh coz i didnt build in all the floor. I reported this and nothing has been done, no answer even.

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Just got hacked/raided yesterday on xbox in similar ways. locked house and chests no use. lost its all…
it totally broke my MP expierience for Conan. regret buying it

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