Chest full of named thralls gone

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it seems after the MOAP people are missing things placed on wedge foundations including me ,i lost a chest full of named thralls that took weeks to farm and a preservation box as well,this is unacceptable and i haven’t heard or seen anything about what will be done about this issue and if we will get our things back or what ,i really enjoy playing this game and have tried hard to defend it to others when they rage against it but this is becoming more and more challenging,please address this issue and let us all know we can count on funcom to do the right thing,ty
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RIP Thralls, our archpriests had a similar fate. I thought a chest next to the compost pile would be the safest place, I was mistaken.

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I would like to see any administration answer about this too, but this question seems to be ignored.

i can feel you, getting good thrall takes time.

I have also lost workstations, thralls and some cheasts in one base in the north after the big patch. I know it’s especially hard for those on official servers, i can understand that very well.
For the moment, nobody can help and replace your thralls of course, only a roll-back would be able to do that. But at the moment, i learned one thing, don’t put to many precious stuff in one only chest. Seperate, make different containers. Let’s say, i put fibres, wood, and 1 named thralls in a chest, that’s, The other one in different chest. Also i look that the chest are not on wedge-foundations, and nothing near a wall.
S… can still happen, just the number may change bit so.

Good luck !

Losing stuff placed on wedge foundations happened before the patch. I know from experience.

EGA all the way, mate, sorry for your gaming losses. Hope you get a reasonable settlement/solution for your pain. :free:

I lost a whole bunch of stuff too as my base has tons of wedge foundations in it. It happened just after the “big” patch. It’s even worse for you since they adjusted the thrall spawn rates. I’ve farmed the black hand pirate ship 65 times in a row and not once did the named thrall I was looking for spawn. I understand they can’t make it too easy, but come on…really? It took me three days of doing nothing but this to clear the ship that many times… I finally gave up.