Chests Dumped My Favorite Gear into Lootbags, Then Insta-Decayed Them!

Game mode: Online official
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PvE
Region: North America

At 12:30am, I re-connected to #1502 to have it spawn my level 60 alt character in the desert. While that was weird, it’s not something unheard of, so I simply removed my bracelet to respawn at my bed, which is where I was when I had left off. It occurred to me that earlier in the day, I had renamed my clan to send a message to a friend on the server that had been trying to reach me (i.e. Doom`s Children -> Adia: Friend Me!) so figured maybe that had something to do with it.

As my base was spawning in around me, I noticed that the bed and some other things still showed my original clan name which concerned me somewhat, yet upon discovering I could still open doors, etc. I breathed somewhat easier.

Yet before renaming the clan back to Doom`s Children again, I figured I’d play it safe, prop the exit open, and then loot all the chests containing my gear, armor, keys, and food (I unequip everything and store it in chests when I’m AFK or offline).

So I’m waiting and waiting, and nothing is appearing in the cupboard my armor is in, nor the chest storing my weapons. I decide to return the cupboard to my inventory as a test, and sure enough it’s the only thing in my inventory! I check the Event Log, and find this nonsense:


For some unfathomable reason, even though all that gear had been stashed in chests that were still there, all the contents just poofed into nothingness! Logging out and in again didn’t make them reappear, nor did returning my clanname back to Doom`s Children.

I’m completely flummoxed here. While I’ve got backups of almost all that gear on my main character, that’s still a ton of materials to recraft all my sets of FE armor, not to mention getting the dye jobs synced up between all of them so I can mix n’ match without looking like a hobo.

Meanwhile, the left-most chest still had all my “situational” gear that I only bring with me on specific missions.

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

  1. Store everything in chests like you’re supposed to so as to avert temperature death claiming your gear.
  2. Have the game crash while you’re AFK.
  3. Reconnect to find yourself in the desert.
  4. Remove bracelet to get back home, only to find the 3 of the 4 containters nearest your bed have all lost their contents as if to invalidate the time-honored wisdom of storing your gear in chests before logging off or going AFK.

Hey @Larathiel

Apologies for the frustration. We’ve run a few tests to confirm this issue but we could only see the part in which the clan name is not updated correctly when changing it. You mention in the repro steps that you crashed at some point. When did that crash happen, before, after or in-between name changes?
Thanks in advance.

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Thanks for the prompt reply, @Ignasis. Here’s the order of things as best I remember:

Sunday evening (i.e. day prior) before going to bed, I changed the clan name to “Adia: Friend Me!” because he and I kept missing each other in-game and he needed my help with something.

NOTE: Myself and a few other players typically stay logged-in 24x7 so as to prevent the purge meter from decaying. This is because we all find the Purge to be the most enjoyable part of PvE, and it really fosters a sense of community on the server when new players see that they can call on help from friendly alphas.

When I got home from work and finished dinner (~5:45pm), I logged out/in again because the constant heartbeat sound from starving repeatedly while AFK doesn’t go away, and I wanted clear audio before the purge window opened as I was expecting to be purged.

Sure enough at 6pm I got purged, which myself and a half-dozen other players helped with. Immediately following another in that group had his purge, so we went over there and assisted them too. At this point, the next person in line to get purged must have been offline because we had about a 45 minute wait for the last one the active players were expecting: clan Nil’s Raiders.

NOTE: #1502 began experiencing some instability last night around when Nil got purged. Their base is just SE of the swamp obelisk and for the past week, he’s been having issues where the whole base takes up to 15 minutes to fully render. Mind you, it’s nowhere near as big as many other bases on the server, yet it’s the only one that seems to have this issue.

Anyway, so when the purge crew shows up to help Nil with Locusts around 8pm, I’d say it probably took until around wave 2 or 3 before his medium-size base finally finished loading. Then, around wave 4, everyone lost connection to the server. At the time, we thought the server had crashed, but we were all successfully able to reconnect with no afk deaths and completed the purge.

At this point, none of the other players seemed to be expecting purges, so a few of us decided to sign-off or go AFK for the evening.

For instance, since the decay time is longer for the summer, I’ve been trying to catch-up on Divinity Original Sin 2, so around 8:30pm, I stowed all my gear, alt-tabbed out, and launched DOS:2 via in-home-streaming from another PC in the living room. (New PC I just built 2 weeks ago has had little issue running 2 different games at the same time and alt+tabbing between them.)

After midnight, I quit out of DOS:2 and went to check Conan to see if anyone had messaged me in-game while I was AFK. However, I found the game was no longer running, and there was merely a Java Script error box sitting where I’d normally see the crash report form.

I cleared the Java Script errors, relaunched Conan, and that’s when I spawned in the desert around 12:30am and removed bracelet to get back home.

Hope this helps…

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Thanks for the incredibly detailed account of events @Larathiel. Sending it to our team so they can try to spot the cause for this. Apologies again for the frustration.

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