Chests have disappeared after patch

Server 1503, after patch several chests are missing, is there any way to recover all of the T3 material inside?

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Same thing happened to me as well as thralls missing and both armorers benches, improved stove and large campfire thing.

Missing Thralls… journey is reset, all map markers are gone, missing chests, weeks of work all gone with the patch update.

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Yep. all that.

one quick question: were the missing chests placed on wedge foundations/ceilings?

Yes, actually, on wedge foundations that were directly in the ground.

Every single thing that vanished for me was on wedge foundations… so i guess something got screwed up there…

My armor bench, carpenters bench and one of my furnaces all disappeared after the patch. They where all placed across 2-3 wedge foundations, everything placed on square foundations or a single wedge foundation are fine.

Hmmm I can confirm that my missing stuff was also on wedge foundations…

We are missing a bunch of stuff on 1942 as well after the patch

Same, rip archpriest.

Just walked in my base now and loot bags on half of the wedge foundations. This is after the hotfix.
Can’t wait to see what disappears tomorrow.

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