Chilla Villa | Curiously Awesome PvP | Misfits, Eccentrics, & Families Welcome! [PS4]

Need a new server to check out the Derketo DLC & Wine Cellar? Come on down to Chilla Villa!

While we are PvP, this is not a “kick the sandcastle server.” We cater to families, couples, disabled, eccentrics, and otherwise cool adults. If your goal is to win the server/be alpha, you won’t have a fun time on Chilla Villa.

We’ve been at this since April and always pay our server bill on time. If you need a chill home for the next few months, please check us out. Free pet for anyone who drops by our Discord server!

Fall is here, harrumph, and the Exiled Lands of Chilla Villa follow suit!

  • Harvest Amount Multiplier increased to 4.5x (up from 3x).
  • Resource Respawn Speed Multiplier reduced to 2.5x (down from 3x).

Those ravenous beasties are carb loading before winter arrives!

  • Purge Delay (time between rounds) decreased to 1 minute (down from 5 minutes).
  • Purge Duration increased to 45 minutes (up from 30 minutes).

Grab those elite thralls while you can, Chilly Willys, it’s going to be a long, dark winter!

So there is PVP? Lol

Indeed. We’re a PvP server for players who don’t care about “winning” the game (i.e. dominate the server, then find another one, and start over). The objective of Chilla Villa is to break that chain.

This is our server’s theme song:

Awesome, you really like us! Thanks, everyone. :smiley:

Due to popularity, Chilla Villa is now password protected on weekends [only]. Please visit us on Discord or send me a private message if you need the pass. Thank you.

One of our players has generously designed new ads for us! :smiley:

We’re adding some goodies for the mounts update. Right now is the perfect time to login, create a character, and get ready for a savage series of winter conquests!

Wishing a Happy Thanksgiving weekend to all of our players who’ve made Chilla Villa special this year. Here’s to your continued support–and an awesome 2020! :smiley:


Advent Rising

Our 31 Days of Conan event is LIVE! Check out our new Advent calendar at the Shattered Springs Map Room (top middle of C7). Decipher the clue, search for the stars (marked by Aquilonian. Braziers), and race to the reward! A new, themed prize will be available every day of the month!

Day One: A partridge nowhere near a pear tree
Day Two: International Mutt Day, ahhhh-ooooooooooooo!
Day Three: Giving Tuesday
Day Four: National Cookie Day

Other events that are new in December:

  • Circus Maximus & revamped Arena

    Tame those wild beasts and bring them to races at our bimonthly gladiatorial games. Details coming soon.

  • Valley of the Thralls

    Select, high level thralls which have been removed from the game will be making a return to the Exiled Lands! Find them lurking throughout the world, kill them when building damage is live, and take the copy off their corpse to use or trade!

  • Saucy Santa Costume Contest

    Sashay down our runway, strike a pose, and win prizes!

  • Return of the Slaughterhouse Rules, courtesy of Misfit Toys!

  • We’re finalizing our referral program, which will offer a tiered series of incentives for those who bring new members to Chilla Villa (for both you and the friend(s) who stay)! Please make a note of anyone you bring to the server, as credit will be retroactive beginning from December 1st.

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Here’s a few photos from the daily calendar for Advent Rising. Each day/note offers a clue to locate an Advent star hidden on the map with a chest and/or icebox containing rewards. We’re having so much fun with it, we may do this every month next year! :slight_smile:

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Thanks for all who participated in our Advent calendar!!

January Update:

New year, new Map Rooms, new surprises!

We’re now hosting two rounds of fights on Sunday evenings!
Drop by our Discord server for details.

I hope everyone has an excellent 2020! :smiley:

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We’ve got a full schedule of events for February:

  • Doubles matches all month long for our weekly arena
  • Thrall of the Wild - find bonus loot on thralls hidden across the exiled lands!
  • Return of the Advent calendar for February. Solve riddles to find awesome loot!
  • Valentine’s costume contest
  • Mount races on our soon to be unveiled obstacle course
  • Jousting tournament

We’re celebrating Conan creator Robert E. Howard’s birthday this week! Each day features a new event. Swing by our Discord server for full details! :smiley:

That was an awesome week! But if you missed out on the fun, we’re running events in February all month long! First, there’s another Advent calendar, culminating in a leap year surprise! Second, we’re running events in our arena every weekend. Tonight’s special:

The Blood of Heroes

It’s Conaneque take on sportsball:

  1. Players will be divided into two teams (randomizer)
  2. There will be an admin spawn only item in the center (e.g. Lantern Shield).
  3. Each team will try to steal the item, then run it to the other end of the field and place it in the workbench. This earns one point.
  4. The first to nine points wins the match, the unique, admin spawn item, and a legendary item of their choice.
  5. If we have six or more players, each team may elect have one player on a mount running interference (however, this play may NOT pick up the unique item at any time)
  6. ANY weapons you wish to bring are allowed. Armor will be provided in the lockers. Yellow Lotus potions will be available by the arena entrance.
  7. Whichever team wins the most number of matches will receive the grand prize: an avatar token of their choice!

Time: 10:00 PM Eastern
Location: Our official Arena on the F/G5 line (bottom half)
Cost: FREE to play!

Don’t be shy or feel like it’s too late to join. Leveling up is fast via our Welcome Center (best in all of Conan)!

Our February Advent Rising calendar went LIVE yesterday! Each day/note offers a clue to help you locate an Advent star hidden on the map. Be the first to find the star, snag the themed loot in the chest, and score points on the Advent board! Whomever has the most points at the end of the month will win a fabulous set of prizes and a divine reward for the clan!

Clues increase in difficulty as the week progresses, ranging from fairly obvious to mercilessly devious (one clue was never solved last month)! Are you a word nerd, lateral thinking puzzle solver, or Myst/The Witness fan? Then you’ll be right at home with this month long event!

Full rules are posted at the Shattered Springs Map Room on the C7/8 line. An example Advent Star (what you’re hunting for) is located behind the calendar. :slight_smile:

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