Chinese WE clan destroying official 1090

I have played on official PvE 1090 for about 3 months now and there is 1 clan that dont have any thinking of other player or newcomer. They block excisting clans so they cant build any larger, they make foundation snakes all over the map so new players cant build anywhere without being stoped by theire ‘snakes’. I have written to funcom 2 times and they dont even bother to answer me, not good at all.

If i read the Funcom rules right there should NOT be any building harrasement or blocking roads etc.

In my opinion these foundation snakes are both harrasement + blocking. But if Funcom doesnt want new players joining servers and play the game this is a very good way to show it. There have been many players starting on the server but then quit cause all the good spots are destroyed by foundation snakes, so they can only build on bad locations where no good purge is coming and very far from Obelisks.
I had to build far away from Obelisk but i dont mind running so for me that is no problem but the rest are.

The clan on this server is called WE.

I have made many movies on this destroying of the map and i am going to put them out on youtube so ppl see what they are paying for if they wanna buy the game, but since its all about money i guess funcom want everybody to rent their own server.

I read another forum topic that was similar to this.

So Funcom live after your own rules and make these clans who made everything to destroy for others to get rid of all crap.

I starting to think that i should do the same and totally destroy the little bit of the map that is still open and then stop playing but only log in to update the decay time.
Is that what you want with Funcom with your servers?
There is so easy to make different rules for Pve then Pvp servers, building is the games nr 1 but there must be some other rules since on pve you cant destroy the buildings.


Actually, Funcom do not interfere in such cases unless it is an extreme case e.g the entire starting zone is walled off and no new players can even enter the server. If you consider your case as extreme (as far as I have understood they are not blocking any content but building snakes!?), then collect evidence and forward to the community team to review. They may then decide to interfere or not.

If this server is not to your liking, there are plenty of others including private ones with stricter building rules and active admins to enforce them.

In extreme cases only, such as players preventing others from entering the game area by walling off the spawning area after character creation or completely preventing other players from playing the game in any other way, we may take action if presented with indisputable proof .

If they are using an exploit to do this, then you can report if following the instruction here.

If they have walled off all of the obelisks, the new player spawn area, etc… then you will need to provide that information by using the Funcom support email located here.

Please provide as much information as you can, sever name, screen shots, etc… for what you are reporting.

Do not expect a response unless they request more detailed information.

Narelle, you mean that it is good that one and only one clan can make the server almost impossible to be on, so the sollution for everyone is to join another server, nice!!!

Why then even have official servers if its gona be like this, shut them down everyone.

I copyed a bit of the text from the link you gave me
-“or completely preventing other players from playing the game in any other way”-
What should i think of this? The last month there have been atleast 30 new players joining the server but leave cause of the foundation snakes all over, so there is no place to build on soon.

I have made a lot of movies of this so i gona put out the links here from youtube so you and Funcom taek a look how it is.

But i will prob stop playing this game ans before i do that i will do exactly like WE do, build everywhere with foundations, as long as ppl can run thrue them i gona make stairs, but they cant build anywhere.

Regards Benny/Desdemonica

Here is One video on WE-clan blocking and making foundation snakes.
I’m making more videos to show you.

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