Choosing Crom as god


The only thing an altar of crom should give is a super-nuclear-purge that attacks you and wipe anything in it path that belongs to the player who tried and summons it. Hardcore or nothin’.


But you can read the citation from the book and learn that Crom help mortal at birth … by giving them the will to survive.

In my opinion something “passive” like gaining a damage modifier for getting “kill streaks” would be fitting for the religion. You make Crom happy by killing your enemies, especially if you kill more of them at once or quick succession. No altars or “praying” needed for that.
Though I bet this would mess with PvP balance and that would make PvPers sad again.

Crom followers don’t need an altar, but rather a forge because Crom is not like other gods. Though there should be certain requirements that a player must meet to get the forge of Crom:

  1. Must reach level 60
  2. Must survive a purge
  3. Must survive a sandstorm
  4. Must kill a certain number of enemies that are not cimmerians
  5. Must have at least one named cimmerian thrall

Why all the restrictions?

All the religions are supposed to be equal at the start of the game. None have buffs. Crom should not have a buff either.

I remember something said about Crom being the choice of those who would rather choose no god. So it is not useless, it is a choice.

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i entered exiled lands as adult

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I still see it as lazyness, and a post-launch excuse for lack of work. If they wanted to let player choose no god, then why just not propose it as “no god” ? And why pretending having a 6 gods system in game, if one god has no content ?

I’m just proposing something lore-friendly to “finish the job”.

That was a strong argument, thank you.

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He is grim and loveless, but at birth he breathes power to strive and slay into a man’s soul. What else shall men ask of the gods? (Queen of the Black coast)

All gods propose items (potions, food, poisons, armor …) and weapons that can be a very good advantage, and Avatar in PvP. Crom would only give a passive bonus, for example against corruption or in survival. Where is it unfair ?

Crom dislikes the weak and thus the requirements are to prove yourself to Crom.

It’s not unfair, it’s just pointless: everyone would just take Crom, and since religions are not limited to one per player, they’d then go and pick up the others, too. Rendering the “special Crom boost” completely mundane.

Choosing a religion at the beginning is largely cosmetic/RP in nature rather than mechanically meaningful - and that’s okay.

All player characters already have “Crom’s Blessing”, whether they wanted it or not (Crom cares not for your feelings or your worship of other gods). This is what enables the Player Character to dominate their environment, ruling by their own strength and power.


This is what Crom makes one do. What else do you want!

Is n’t Crom ment to be useless?
(like atheists… just joking)

You can learn all religions
Crom being a useless god is more a joke then unfinished to me

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In the comic Conan was killed unfairly due to magic. Crom intervened when he was attacked by magic. maybe in the future magic will be a thing in the game and magic resist will be the one true asset to Crom.


To me they are almost one in the same Duo. By this I mean that when visuslise a Crom ‘Altar’ I typically see it as Forge; a unique reskin of a Blacksmiths Bench. Add in a small handful of Crom themed weapons and armor pieces, and what more could I possibly ask for? I would also suggest adding in a Master/Legendary Blacksmith (much like the dafari withchdoctor) to man it.

I also support calls from @q9c9p and others (myself too!) for a super challenging Crom Purge. After all it is a purge sent by a god; it should be hard. It could make a nice feature for some of the players who have been crying out for more challenge.

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I always figured Crom’s Blessing was the moment you were freed from the cross.

“There, you’re free, now get out of here weakling!”



Yeah, that’s pretty much it. Conan pretty much embodied Crom in that moment. He cut you down because he happened to be passing by and was disgusted with the idea of not just killing your enemies, but after that you’re on your own.

You’re already asking for too much. Like Duo said, “Crom is not like other gods.” If a forge becomes an altar to him, he might very well take offense.

Perhaps I chose my words poorly, or failed to explain in sufficient depth when I likened the Forge to an altar. Hopefully we can avoid becoming too bogged down in the semantics of this, however I shall try again. When I referred to it as equivalent to an altar, I did not mean that it is some mystical forge imbued with Croms godly power where he creates items for the player. But rather it was a reskin of the existing Blacksmiths Bench (in much the same way the Kiln is to the Furnace) with theme befitting Crom, except with a small handful of cosmetically unique weapons and armor items in the upper crafting recipe tabs. These items would hypothetically speaking, be built by the player or blacksmith thrall, NOT by Crom.

As far as the prospect of Crom taking offence to this goes, I find it improbable. Its just a forge. However from a purely game mechanic driven perspective, that is actually the whole point in this case. Player builds ‘Crom Forge’, Crom becomes angered and sends extremely powerful Purge to attack the player.

This actually fits your preferred narrative on this issue buddy.