Choppy frame rate disappearing bodies invisible enemies

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Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.using weapon like axe/sword will freeze frame for a few seconds when swinging (happens all the time now)
2.killing enemy, the character disapears and the dead body shows up 10 seconds later and the sound effects of cutting, death and voices are late.
3.invisible enemies but you can see the weapons. some minutes later you can see them maybe by running away. ( I think this is not intentional!)
4.this game did not perform like this a month ago

I’ve experienced choppy frame rate today and we have had the bodies of slain enemies becoming invisible. You can target their loot on the ground and then harvest them butt you can’t see them. Also my husband died today and could not see his death marker and body, I had to harvest his corpse for him.

We are on PC, dedicated server on a LAN.
This has only occurred for us since the anniversary patch

Hey @LordFireSire

Welcome to our community and apologies for the frustrating issues.
Are you playing on a PS4 Pro system?

No I’m playing on PS4. Just played today and still getting disappearing dead bodies. Thanks for the replies though i did not get some notification.

Disappearing corpses has been fixed in the upcoming hotfix. About the performance issues, our team is investigating. Apologies for the frustrating issue and thanks for your feedback and patience.

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