Chosen of asura thralls? 2 seems to be missing

they said, they will be adding thralls for each chosen of asura, they have said many things that end up not happening, (we can make a laaaarge list of things that was said that never happened since early access… but i am too lazy…to make it ,as i know its going to be a very large one! )

its not unreasonable to ask whats going on, (as i did) considering that larathiel for instance was “promoted” in Feb 2020,. and we are almost in july, same happened to the other guy in may, so i am guessing they will promote someone else in july, but of course no thralls will be added, in the past they were far more efficient adding them, care to compare when they promoted the first 5 chosen of asura?, to how it is now?

with recent history in mind , they seem to have a problem to fulfill their own decisions/word/promises, (in a timely matter) (how many patches has landed since feb ? )

question for funcom, : do you plan to add those or no, (simple question demanding a simple answer)

i am OK, with waiting, but… they also said they (several times) during different moments, they will improve communication with the community, have they done so? we all agree they promised that ?.. right? … for what i can see they behavior seem as dark as it has always been … no changes , despite of promises made.

there are two things that worries me about funcom.,

-ability to break game with every patch (instead of being excited about new stuff, i am worried about the things they will break.

-ability to communicate with their customer base (even when they have several community managers) funcom communication leaves much to be desired.

do hope both get sorted out, for the good of the game.

you just said :

conflicting information there bud. :slight_smile:

Not a conflict as I see it. They’ve not confirmed that we’re going in the new map, but they have said that our addition is pending a “content milestone”. I’m just putting 2 and 2 together on my own. :wink:


Sinners’ Refuge is busy enough with the Asurans. Putting the fresher Asurans elsewhere would also give Funcom a better opportunity to give them professions that are already represented by Asurans without too much redundancy in one place.

In any case, I have a cudgel with two names written on it ready and waiting for the opportunity.


:smiley: there is too much Choosen of Asuras in that cave for sure, and somehow i can one hit kill there, i needed to go in naked to get T4 priest and others alive… even thrall killing them with blunt somehow…

Need to get new Choosen ones ;d maybe Choosen of Sipthans :smiley:

Funcom is busy with features no one asks and re-adding old bugs… There is no time for Chosen of Asura :smiley:

In reality, the main team will probably work at the map-expansion and thats why the game is in such a half-broken state currently.

Hey there,

Any Chosen of Asuras since the announcement of @Larathiel will come out within a big content update. Asura has been busy, but not neglectful.


NICE TO KNOW , asura should also be more diligent communicating (as promised) , and not let mortals such as myself, get to conclusions based on speculation.

regarding the new big content, PLEASSE I BEG YOU , make sure you guys dont push it without proper testing, and i do hope you dont break the game further.

thanks for your response.

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That is good to hear. May take a star metal truncheon engraved with glilffs and coated with sprinkles for sneaking Elf.


All we need to know now is when we will have the new map update. Still when i say this i don’t mean, Ignasis tell us now :joy::joy::joy:. Thank you for your response, you are always present and we are grateful to that :+1:.


Big content update… sounds like the hairdresser!!..


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I forget, was there any info on what “class” these new Asurans were going to be? I hope one’s an armorer. I’m leveling a new character on a different server, and the hunt for a T4 armorer – any T4 armorer – is proving to be a horrible PITA. :stuck_out_tongue:


Asura is a god of mysteries. His followers dedicate themselves to “penetrating the veil of the illusion of life”. Asura isn’t one to offer ready answers to mortals - seeking the truth is part of the great journey.

Me, I’ll happily use a heavy blunt object to test his illusions.


it makes a early pay to win with the DLCs, smelters tanners shouild be ok

Hard to say… Fia spawns also quite often. So even when one of the Chosen IS an armorer, you have to be lucky to get exactly this one.
Chosen of Asura isnt even a 100% spawn chance. But sth like 90% (or really really often).

But if one of the new Chosen of Asura becomes an armorer, maybe the Chieftain spawn rate also becomes better…

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I got a friendly tip about spawns I didn’t know about, so it turns out it’s much easier to get a T4 armorer than I thought. Got one the same day I got that tip. Which brings me to:

I understand why you say that. But the problem isn’t with Chosen of Asura, it’s with the DLC armors. Whether they’re really “pay to win” or not is something you can debate with 10 people and get 13 different opinions. Mine is that “pay to win” is a misleading name, because it makes people think in yes-or-no terms, instead of realizing that there’s a whole spectrum here and that DLC armors are not on the serious extreme of that spectrum.

Yeah, sure, they offer an advantage because you don’t need a specific T4 armorer, but that advantage is very small. I have a hunch that having DLCs is not going to make you an alpha on a PVP server, or even help you topple an alpha easily. Again, that’s just my opinion.

My point, though, is that the way things are, there’s no “early” access to DLC advantages. By the time you hit level 30, you can go almost anywhere on the map. For me, usually, level 30 means I’ve been everywhere except the Frozen North. Even to the volcano. So adding a Chosen of Asura T4 armorer won’t make things significantly easier for those with DLCs.


Last I saw, it was about 18%. Pretty close to 1 in 5, and that’s sort of born out on my extensive experience farming them. Seeing a streak of 8+ Chosen spawning in a row is simply just RNG at work; it can easily (and has) swung the other way where you just see priests of Mitra there.

After that, it seems like an even spread between the types of Chosen. I’d say Keyim the carpenter is the one I’ve seen most, but after a month and a half farming there on a vanilla server, I’d say Corms is a close second.


wont make you alpha yes, because many people in the server has access to DLC, the problem comes with those who doesnt, those for sure will very likely never turn into alphas either.

DLC armors should be a skin applied to already made armors in the game, not a way to overcome the natural progression . (which it is atm) .

how many + accuracy heavy armor do you have in the base game?

One, which is as many as you have as DLCs. Hyrkanian Raider requires a specific armorer to craft (but one is available from the Exiles faction), and is cold-resistant instead of heat-resistant. Hyrkanian trousers and boots are also very fashionable, take dyes well and go together well with many outfits.


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