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But ofc, things take time…

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A man of discernment!

What miracle is this?! We haven’t had that since well before Joel left, and its abscence was absolutely felt. This is good news indeed.


I hope they make Glyphs work with EFB and giving max value per Glyphed item by Glyph type.


That’s actually a really good argument for not rushing it, given they clearly need to figure out how to make actual tank glyph tanks more PvP viable, for example.

Here’s hoping Funcom will use the player-run Shambala events to gather more data and expose issues that need addressing.


Here’s hoping that too and i also echo what @Sawo has mentioned.
The community seem to be the driving factor here so i am assuming they will glean info from such sources as more shambala events take place. The short time we have in the zone can at times make it hard to gather info for the longer lasting fights that would take place in Fusang.

IMO time is what i would like them to take on it.

Based on Dante's Circle Agent missions... post any info you have here I may be overly conservative in some of my estimates… this is not a bad thing.

[quote=“Peloprata, post:7, topic:4424”]
My main takeaway was that he’s being very careful to avoid overpromising on anything, but he’s also very open about that. While there were a lot of questions that he didn’t answer, he was mostly very clear about why he didn’t have an answer. The acknowledgement that the devs are aware of player concerns and discussing them is better than ongoing radio silence. Hopefully we’ll also get some updates on those as decisions are made.

I did appreciate his honesty and stating what he could/couldn’t say, but I heard alot of “under discussion”, “we’re aware and monitoring” type remarks - at least not many soons!

I do hope he will be keep us informed more and hopefully have some sort of road map for the next year or so. Even a very loose this is the direction we’re going…

The only thing I did find disappointing was he said to report bugs on Discord. Why not the “official forum”? That makes me wonder was the forum set up just to entertain the masses? There are people that are forum shy, but more that likely don’t use Discord. IDK, just found that an odd remark or direction.


I am agreeably surprised. This seems to me the most open and clear statement about the game’s future we have seen since god knows when; in fact, it sounds sincere enough that I’m willing to go along with the lack of any time-frame. I can honestly say I feel more confident than I have in a very long time.

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This, by the way, is still massively aggravating on a “We can’t really be arsed to properly balance stuff, so we will force you to ‘enjoy’ even the content we absolutely can’t be arsed to balance” level.

With that attitude, they might as well just go add the remaining dungeons to the elite mix - after all, no need to care if they’re balanced, is there? :angry:


He explained problem is not only with ballance, but how to make mechanics from these dungeon working on high tiers. And it is far from easy.

And with the fact he is a guy who designed and worked on group content/dungeons (Penthouse group versions was his work btw) he knows very well what he is talking about.

There’s zero reason to force private teams to use the randomizer. You can already retreat immediately and the only “penalty” you receive is the time it takes to zone and re-invite the group (which shouldn’t even be a thing for private teams to begin with).

If someone enjoys running the same dungeon over and over again, let them. And if you find that groups constantly avoid certain dungeons, there’s probably a reason for it (spoiler alert: there is) and your task as a game designer should be to smooth out that discrepancy.


Well, it looks like they well not allow this. He was quite clear.

The problem with not allowing players to avoid dungeons with group finder is that some of the dungeons are bad for group finder. They are not balanced as options that are equally good for pugs. Ankh and Polaris are mostly reliable but groups fail at a couple bosses. Hell Raised is fairly quick to know if the group can handle the dps checks but of course it’s random if people can handle Tyrant. Darkness War is tedious and might fail. Hell Eternal seems to take forever and there’s a decent chance of failure, or at least having to repeat fights a couple times due to bugs or player mistakes.

Hell Fallen and Facility would probably be difficult if they were brought back. Slaughterhouse would probably be quick to know if people can handle it.

Anyway, if more dungeons are going to come back and join group finder, Funcom might want to admit the strengths and weaknesses of the dungeons and in particular admit the differences in duration and reliability for doing them in pugs. I don’t feel the current dungeons in SWL are balanced as equally desirable options or offer additional rewards to compensate for longer dungeons or dungeons more failure prone.

So, it’s nice to have transparency that groups won’t be able to opt of less desirable dungeons, but it seems like the solution here is to investigate why some dungeons are less desirable and try to address those reasons in some way, either by fixing them or giving better rewards.


This should be the company motto.


It probably is easier for them there, given how the “official forums” is not their method of communication—the devs and CMs like their paths of least resistance too. They don’t announce things on these forums, why would they read them?

I’ll just stop reporting bugs I guess, unless it happens in an easy to control+b way.

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Why would they even make a dedicated Bug Reports category if they don’t want bugs to be reported on the forums? :confused:

Context is important - When this came up, it was specifically in regards to dressing room bugs.

Dressing Room/clothing bugs are a special category due to the larger volume and less information required per report, so we handle them specially to avoid clogging up other bug reporting channels.

To put it another way - we don’t want bug reports on things like missions, abilities, bosses, or weapons/talismans (to name a few categories) to get lost in the sea of clothing issues.

For everything that isn’t a clothing bug, yes, the forums are a great place to report those. You can use Discord if that’s your preferred method, either way gets them to our attention.


That makes sense! Thanks for clarifying; it’s a problem with reading things second hand, but given I closed caption most things, a podcast wasn’t going to be something I listened to :slight_smile:

(Still holding out hope for my black suit pants…)

The thing that got me thinking the most was:
“Would love to do * but the enginge can’t handle it. Or it’s not possible with the engine.”
Heard it on so many streams, and it makes you wonder why they did not move away from the old engine when doing the relaunch as “new” game.
Yes it would take time, and cost a bit… but it would handle things to come better than what we have now.

The rest of it was really good tho. Just this nagging feeling that the game will not last long with so many limiting factors in the game engine itself.

And concerning selecting scenario, it should be an option in private teams. Reactivate the console in sunken temple, and presto chango you can choose what you want.

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Replacing the game engine would indeed take time. Lots of time and work.
My guesstimate is that it would take 1-2 years of work - assuming everything goes smoothly, with few or no other updates during that time due to most of the team being busy with the new engine.
If they had replaced the engine prior to the relaunch - then we would still be waiting for the relaunch to happen.