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My bet on bounty hunter behaviour is that you have to spend over a given amount of time without zoning nor visiting any safe zone to get one, i did’nt got a single one in TSW, but i have got a bunch of them in SWL.

The closest I’ve come to a bounty hunter is in lair groups and someone says “I think a bounty hunter spawned” after it gets nuked in the AoEs.


They only attack when the odds are stacked against them. We used to start challenges in regionals to see how long we could keep them alive

On Bounty Hunters and South Africa:

The fact that you have someone targeting you a few times through the South Africa storyline makes me think that they are working the Bounty Hunters being after you into the story so that even players who haven’t encountered a randomly-spawned one will understand that the Player Character is being hunted. I expect this will continue in future story updates as well, until we discover who and why is sending them after us.

I wouldn’t bet on it, given there’d be little logic to random bounty hunters figuring out we are in New Dawn, being able to get in there and do their work. Someone really trusted by the Morninglight (i.e. more than Che) and actually competent enough to have suspicions seems more likely; I was tbh surprised I didn’t notice anything in the mansion that pointed to Berihun having ‘tested’ a suspicion and tired to deal with a problem proactively.

Tracking device turn in for Dragon says The Kingdom

To me that seemed like a bug. Something from missions that should be there but were disabled because they didn’t work well (expected the “almost finished, just few technicalities not working as we want” missions will be out by now :frowning: ). But snipers remained. Were patched out in one of the first hotfixes.

in tsw, i was working on figuring out how and where bounty hunters spawned. there seem to be certain areas in each zone that ‘roll’ a chance for one when you are in the range (two of us got hunters in the same place 10 minutes apart, which had me start looking into that). they’re scattered across each missioning zone, mostly away from npcs (though there appears to be one on the roof of the kingsmouth police station, which is odd). and, as mentioned before, more heavily crowded around lairs and the former nightmare areas (a good example is right at the entrance to the roman baths in carpathian fangs)

for a long while, we thought that getting a bounty hunter in a zone put that zone on a cooldown for you (similar to the way the anniversary golems worked), but then i got two hunters in scorched desert less than 20 minutes apart, which threw that theory out the window. still not sure how that works, really. and, when we moved over to swl instead of tsw, i stopped trying to work it out, since they give anima shards now instead of blue signets so no one’s really interested anymore.

also, i know this is like twice the size of the whole rest of the thread already, but once you finish tokyo, watch your buffs. you may sometimes see an orange debuff called ‘under surveillance’ pop up. it lasts for 30 seconds. and if you stay within range of where it popped up, when the timer runs out, a bounty hunter will spawn to attack you. many miss them because they just run through an area and never notice the debuff pop up

this is a very interesting mission report for me, since dragon claims kingdom, illuminati claims …i think it was phonecians? and templar claims illuminati. i like that all three point fingers at different factions, but find it weird red team is the only one that points at another player faction. also, all those factions are found in the mansion’s basement, along with others

Re: Espionage. Dragon blame the Kingdom, Templars blame the Illuminati (though largely on a “it’s the sort of thing they’d do basis”), probably incorrectly since Geary, far from chewing you out for disrupting the op, remarks: “I suspect it’s the Orochi, but I always suspect the Orochi.”

The computer terminal in Marquard’s mansion basement indicates that the agents the ML has
caught, they’ve identified variously as Templars, Dragon, Illuminati, Phoenicians, Kingdom and one “unknown.”

I got the feeling that none of them quite realized that the guy in Espionage might be related to the bounty hunters. The turn ins I saw (Dragon and Templar) made it look like they thought it was someone spying on Morninglight, not someone spying on us. Which was also interesting to me.

Yeah 'tis possible. Also looked to be a similar model to the guy who puts a landmine at the door to your shack after you first do Things That Go Bump.

Also, you’ll see a pair of eyes on your buff bar. If you move away from the area before it finishes the countdown, then they vanish. If you’re constantly on the go you’ll never see a bounty hunter.

Also seen them spawn near Ricky Pagan and the CoV vendors in KD.