Christmas content


Oh okay I must have been mistaken that we were all on the same team for this game. I was not aware that you all are okay with no content or any update from FC. Thank you for letting me know.


We are not happy about it but we have accepted it. There is no use complaining about no content because they officially stated in their financial reports in 2016 that there wont be any new major content or changes. Simple fact.

People could be complaining non stop about this but it wont change FC’s behavior in any way, they are pretty much done with AoC, they keep it in maintenance mode so you can still play the game as long as you can find other players.


Yes that is my point; the fact that we have accepted it. I really enjoy this game I want my friends to enjoy this game I want to put more time and money into something i enjoy. But its lunacy how they as a company don’t understand this. “we decided to put our energy into Saga of Blood and into the future, looking into 2019” Funcom, do not screw this up dont do some stupid saga server why though doesnt a new server cost money as well to maintain or rent/own/operate. it’s just voicing an opinion on something i participate in. we should complain



I loved the [Winter Seasonal Event - A Bloody Solstice]… by Set, I was there for the first and by the holy scales of Set may it continue!

Sure, could it be updated… definitely, but never disregard for it was an epic event! Though, have to look at the other things they were setting up at the time when the event would start, maybe with Saga-server and the Zath-server took up resources and so the World Boss Event instead is understandable, not just lazy, but the are a bit limited right now; Set’s teeth, why not join Funcom, if capable, and aid them by working there to help out the developing-team/s


My understanding is they had to drop this event because of a change in the emotes(?) system. Something to do with the final part where you had to get drunk.

I’ve done the first 2 parts of this event and enjoyed it and would love to see them fix it and bring it back.


Set’s teeth!

I surely hope they fix it and bring it back too… was epic when they had the [Events] and even saddening was that they did a [Halloween - Event - Khemi] to Father of All, Set and I was so heartbroken I missed out on it; watched those who uploaded videos of the [Halloween - Event - Khemi] on [Youtube]