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Chronicles of the Horde is a Conan lore friendly RP-PvP server. Hosted by host havoc and paid in full for the next year and a half, we are here to stay.

This chronicle, the 2nd, begins as the Horde, our heroes, makes landfall on a strange shore as they seek the source of a dark power that destroyed their homeland. As they near the coastline, a magical tempest assaults and scatters the fleet. During the maelstrom, magical portals open and Isabell, a sorceress of the Horde is abducted from the decks of the flagship.

Join our players in either helping the Horde or hindering them, perhaps even make your own independent mark on the story!

The World is PvP with safe zones for those who want to try and remain neutral in the upcoming conflict. Side with the Horde, side with the Abductors, or forge your own kingdom as a great war of power begins to slowly engulf the land.

We have a full 20k word chronicle that grows with each event and interaction on the server, telling the stories of the players who came before you and documenting the history of the server.

Join us! Become part of the Chronicle!

Features and Settings
Daily Quests, Player Market, Land Ownership, Established Neutral Zone for PvE players, Minimal Mods
30 Slot server to start
x2 Gather rate
Body does not stay in game on log out
Otherwise vanilla settings

Savage Wilds
Dudes Delightful Decorations
Barbarian Extended Arsenal
All the Little Things

From the 1st Chronicle…

“Isabell drew and fired again and again. She was the master of the Eye of Khan, and every shot showed. Setites and demonic creatures alike fell to arrow after arrow as they tried to force a way through the barricade. Suddenly she reached for an arrow and there was none left. Panic flashed in her eyes as the barricade burst apart a heartbeat later, shattered by a corrupted beast. The fell creature leapt into the air and landed on top of her, pinning her arms and knocking her bow over the ledge. The beast lunged for her face, blood and ichor flying from its maw…”